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Expérimenter l'autisme (un autisme)... *fear*

Ça me rappelle un tout petit mais alors un tout petit peu des (mes) crises de migraine, mais là c'est en permanence...

Source: io9

Listen Senior Film

La vidéo:

Listen Senior Film from Listen. Senior Thesis on Vimeo.

Imagine living a life where the world you perceive and experience around you is entirely different than that of your peers, and your family — where you feel… misunderstood.

Autism is the one of the highest growing serious developmental disabilities today. Our wish with this piece is to give a glimpse into the lives of children living with Autism and, in any way we can, to inspire positive change through a deeper tolerance and understanding.

For our senior film, we have chosen to represent an extreme case: life through the eyes of a child who is non-verbal, and her constant struggle to cope with the world around her. We understand that Autism is complex, and has a wide spectrum; this film is meant only as an interpretation inspired by our research and time spent within the Autism community.

Thank you for watching!

Directed and Produced by Marisabel Fernandez and Alexander Bernard at Ringling College of Art and Design.

2D Animation: Alexander Bernard, Marisabel Fernandez
3D Animation: Alexander Bernard ( )
Edit: Marisabel Fernandez ( )
Design: Marisabel Fernandez
Live Action Cinematography: Natasha Thornton
Sound Design : Jamie Vance ( )
Therapist: Roberta Rosenthal
Voice Mother: Tammy Zeitler
Voice Child: Nicole Zeitler

Faculty Advisors: Ed Cheetham, Nora Gaffney, Ron Zeitler, Dante Rinaldi, Joey Korenman, Jill Taffet, Morgan Williams.

Special Thanks: Bonnie & Jack Harrison, Lolo Martinez, Jose & Andres Lange, David Lewandowski, friends and family