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SMS and MMS transfer from smartphone Windows 10 Mobile (or Windows Phone) to Android

(en anglais)

My Photophone Microsoft 950XL is over... "paix à son âme", not because it no more works and does it's job but because M$ is no more maintaining W10 Mobile and more&more applications are shutting down.

Since loooooong, transferring SMS/MMS from one Windows Phone/Mobile to another was very easy.  There is a backup "Online".
But to Android ?

I found this great article:

Import SMS, MMS & Group messages from Windows Phone to Android leonardocezarychisciuc import-sms-mms-group-messages-from-windows-phone-to-android.jpg

But the poster told there were some limitations/problem with Free/Pro versions.  So I waited a little and asked some question to him and to “SMS Backup & Restore Pro” team (who, LOL, sent me back to the blog post)

Here is my howto:
I posted there in a reply (for you to know I bought the both Pro version of “Convert SMS from Windows Phone Pro
and “SMS Backup & Restore Pro

Update: 10 july 2019

Windows 10 Mobile side (my 950 XL)
-I installed “contacts+message backup” and did the backup (to access the app, go to settings and search for “backup”)
-I copied the sms and msm to OneDrive
-I tried “Transfer my Data” but it didn't want (anymore?) to export to SD ... menu not shown on my 950XL

Android’s side:
-Installed “Import SMS from Windows Phone”, link (free)
-Bought “Convert SMS from Windows Phone Prolink ~1,6€
-Bought “SMS Backup & Restore Pro”, link ~4€
-Copied sms and mms Onedrive backups to android local storage
-From “Import SMS from Windows Phone”, imported SMS OK
-From “Convert SMS from Windows Phone Pro”, converted MMS to “SMS Backup & Restore Pro” format
-From “SMS Backup & Restore Pro”, imported MMS OK

So it worked for MMS now with last “SMS Backup & Restore Pro” (updated yesterday)