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Des basses pour éteindre du feu par la DARPA

J'imagine (pas) les pompiers se balader avec des Boum Boum Booster, mais si ça marche à plus grande échelle, mieux vaudra ne pas laisser trainer ses tympans sur place !


DARPA drops the bass to extinguish fire

A thing of the past?

(Credit: DARPA)

La vidéo:


12 juil. 2012 par 

Performers on DARPA's Instant Fire Suppression program evaluated an acoustic approach to suppressing flames. In this video, a flame is extinguished by an acoustic field generated by speakers on either side of the pool of fuel. Two dynamics are at play in this approach. First, the acoustic field increases the air velocity. As the velocity goes up, the flame boundary layer, where combustion occurs, thins, making it easier to disrupt the flame. Second, by disturbing the pool surface, the acoustic field leads to higher fuel vaporization, which widens the flame, but also drops the overall flame temperature. As the same amount of heat is spread over a larger area, combustion is disrupted.