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Est il possible de faire tenir en équilibre sur leur tranche 4 pièces sur le bord d'un verre à vin ?

... oui ... mais il y a un truc ;)  Et pas sûr que ça marche avec des cents d'Euros (indice).


Amazing Ways To Balance Coins

La vidéo:


12 juin 2013

Here are some tricks that can be performed using magnetic coins. By this we do not mean coins that are themselves magnets, rather we refer to real coins that can be picked up using a magnet. Normally this means that the coin is made of steel, even though it may have a thin coating of copper, cupro-nickel, or other metal or alloy. In the UK, the 1p and 2p coins are made of steel, and 5p and 10p coins dated 2011 onwards are also magnetic. Many countries have coins which are magnetic, although at the time of writing, none of the coins in the US are magnetic. 

The magnetic nature of the coins allows all kinds of tricks to be performed. Many of these tricks were devised by the Magic Penny Trust, who have been producing the 'Magic Penny Kit' for many years. For the two demonstrations shown here, we have used the two magnets that come included with the Magic Penny Kit. (At the current time, we do not sell this kit).

Lots more information is available at