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Easy (presque) Origami Dragon Tutorial

J'essayerai =)

Source: geeksaresexy

Easy Origami Dragon Tutorial - Step by Step Instructions to Make an Easy but Cool Origami Dragon!


La vidéo:


7 juil. 2017

Learn how to make an easy but cool origami Dragon by following the instructions of this tutorial. Most origami dragons are very hard to fold and take a lot of time to make, but to make this easy paper dragon you just need 10 minutes, plus a few minutes to model the dragon head, wings and tail to make it a one-of-a-kind origami dragon! It is a good origami dragon for kids and beginners (with a bit of patience, you'll make it!).

The origami dragon has 2 wings to fly (Western Dragons have wings, Chinese Dragons do not), a dragon head (you can shape it in different ways to make one horn), a dragon tail, 2 front legs, and 1 big back leg (it looks like the 2 back legs are joined). The dragon is in 3D and can stand on its legs. It's a simple dragon so it does not have claws.

To make this origami dragon, you just need 1 square sheet of paper. Only one side of the paper will show, so you can use any kind of paper (origami paper, or even copy paper). In the video I use a 15x15 cm square (about 6 inches).

Important note: this origami dragon is an original origami model designed by Stéphane Gigandet. Do not publish videos, diagrams, tutorials, instructions etc. that show how to fold this origami dragon, and instead link to this video or embed it. You can of course share pictures and videos of the finished dragon if you make one, just not how to fold it. Thank you.

If this origami dragon is too easy for you and you want to try more complex origami dragons, there are some very cool models of dragons with video tutorials designed by Jo Nakashima, Henry Pham, Tadashi Mori and others. The most difficult dragon to fold is Satoshi Kamiya's Ryujin, but there isn't a video tutorial available at this time.

I hope you will like this easy origami dragon model, if you fold it, please send me some photos of your dragon so that I can show them in the next videos. My email is Thank you!

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Thank you and happy dragon folding!