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Evomouse - la souris au doigt

Une souris au bout des doigts ... pas encore en vente, mais je suppose qu'à terme ce sera inclus dans nos portable, tablettes, ...

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En vidéo plus bas et sur le site.


 | Créé le : 27 sept. 2010

With the evoMouse, your finger is your pointer and there is no more pushing around a physical mouse.
The evoMouse works on nearly any flat surface and requires very little space. It tracks effortlessly to your comfortable and natural movements.
With the evoMouse, you can perform common mouse operations using only your fingers. You can control the cursor, click and select, double-click, right-click and drag with basic hand gestures.
The evoMouse also features multi-touch functionality including scroll, rotate, zoom, forward and back. The evoMouse can even be used for handwriting recognition with your finger or a pen.
The evoMouse is easy and convenient to set up and use with almost any desktop or laptop computer. It connects via Bluetooth or a standard USB port.
Because it allows natural movements and doesn't require pushing around a physical object, the evoMouse may help reduce repetitive stress injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.