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Sphero - la boule contrôlée par smartphone

Ça faisait longtemps que je n'avais plus de "inutile donc ...".  En voilà de nouveau un !

Sphero golf mobile app concept

Mobile App Driven

The beauty of Sphero is that the way it functions isn't determined by the physical device, but by the software that is controlling it. For instance, a RC car is always a RC car, but Sphero changes depending on what app you are using. Sphero could navigate an obstacle course, play a game of Office Golf, or even crush augmented reality zombies bursting out of their graves in your living room! People are used to greatly varying virtual worlds in computer games, but using our open API, app developers can now unleash this type of creativity and possibilities using a physical device!

La page du fabricant:

En vidéo de démo plus bas.

Sphero Night Golf from GoSphero on Vimeo.

Part robot. Part ball. All fun.

Sphero is the world’s first robotic ball you control with a tilt, tap, or touch on your smartphone. Turn it on, sync it up, and let’s roll.

Sphero comes ready and eager to play. Weave in and around obstacles or feet, or just freak out the cat.* Free downloadable games work on IOS or Android devices, and let you test your skills in Sphero Drive, compete with friends at Sphero Golf and Tag, or destroy virtual zombies in your living room. When you’re ready for more, you’ll find even more games in the iTunes App Store or Android market.

*Don't freak out the cat. They have claws.

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