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Un multi-tool pour électroniciens ?

Vous me direz, moi ma chimie amusante électronique pour les nuls est loin ;)

Je  cite: Features

  • tightly integrated, well documented, 100% open-source software for data analysis and real-time measurement
  • flexible drivers offer integration with existing sensors, actuators, and software
  • web-based user interface makes collaboration seamless and painless across Mac, Windows, and Linux, in the garage, in the lab, and at school
  • USB powered and controlled, requiring only one cable
  • sub-millivolt and sub-milliamp precision and accuracy
  • two watt power output, allowing for direct use with a wide range of motors, lights, and sensors
  • two channels, capable of sourcing and measuring up to 5V and 200mA each
  • upgradeable to 2A current with external power supply - some soldering required
  • H-bridge for automatic polarity
  • 44.1k samples per second of voltage & current measurement at 10bit resolution
  • 800 samples per second at 12bit resolution (secondary ADC)
  • 20k samples per second voltage & current control at 12bit resolution
  • 72MHz ARM Cortex M3 processor (LPC1343)