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Un jouet WALL-E en Webcam très intelligente

Par là pour le beau bricolage

Fabriqué à partir d'un jouet et du kit "EZ-B Bluetooth Robot".  En vidéo ça donne:


 le 20 juil. 2011

This is the a robot built by DJ Sures using the EZ-B Robot Controller and the EZ-Builder Robot Control Software. Visit for more information on how to build your own Wall-E :D

The original toy was a U-Command Wall-e that was modified. The tracks are driven by two modified servos. The arms, neck and head are controlled by standard servos. The camera is a 2.4ghz wireless camera.

I put this all together with a hot glue gun, a dremel and a lot of inspiration from a great movie. My video does not due this Wall-E robot justice, his personality is far more interactive and humorous in real life. I may make a longer video another day :) ... He is definitely the star of the show!