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Shortfilm - Lisa (The Android) ou de la folie sentiment/besoin de perfection

Pas mal ... des bonnes idées qui ... risquent d'arriver ...

Bon visionnage !

Lisa (The Android)

La vidéo:



6 nov. 2012

The Continuum presents Lisa:
There is a new boom in the technology sector: Robotics. Humanoid robots have replaced most retail employees in major chains across the country. What sets these robots apart is how well their personalities are designed-- how charming and helpful they are, how human they are perceived.

Few people in the world can design such a robot. It is an art - it requires a deep understanding of both humanity and technology. Our story focuses on one such individual: ANDERS OHM.

Drew Mylrea is director based in Los Angeles. He lives with ten robots. Check out his other work at

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