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Trung Nghia, artiste pyromane

Choli !  Il commence par (mal)traiter le papier en le brûlant de milles et une façons et ensuite il peint autour/avec les trous/traces de brulure.

Détecteurs de feux et fumées abolis chez lui sous peine de devenir sourd...

Trung Nghia's work

La vidéo:


4 août 2014

Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Trung Nghia was born in 1981 at Phuoc An Village, Krongpac District, Daklak Province, in the multiethnic Western Highlands of Central Vietnam, in a family of devoted and virtuous Protestants. Nghia left his hometown to study in Sai Gon and graduated from the University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City with a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design. Nghia has participated in the artistic scene as a professional painter since 2011. “Since childhood, I was living in the mountainous and forestry regions. I have loved and have been grateful to, and experienced all the beautiful things ever present when people were living at peace and in communion with nature and the animals. In the state of mind of a person aspiring to the harmony of all living things, I have witnessed and felt sad at the phenomenon of increasing destruction, disaster, and death of many species caused by those who brazenly transform the wonders of fire, of light into a means of annihilation. This has taken place silently, secretly in the region of my livelihood, without any possibil- ity of prevention and control; and it is expanding every day. I could not do anything to help. There come, an idea crossed in my mind – to record and trace the call of the wilderness and its inhabitant by means of the materials of fire, smokes, and sulfur to recuperate the power and values of fire, and used it to mark down the vanishing beauty of the natural environment, in the way of a witnessing historian with a brush,” confided Trung Nghia.

Trung Nghia uses smoke, fire and explosive (originally a force of destruction and blasting) on paper to create pieces of artwork about wild nature. By using these material, Trung Nghia would like to ring a bell of alarm at the annihilation of the natural environment and its fauna.


1. In January 2013, Trung Nghia organized his first solo exhibition, in combination with GuiHANGtar (a duo comprising guitarist Le-Tuyen Nguyen and percussionist Salil Sachdev), under the title “Highland Dreaming” at the Museum of Arts in HCM City.

2. In January 2014, at the Exhibition and Gallery House of HCM City, Trung Nghia and the GuiHANGtar inaugu- rated another program under the name of “The Call of the Mountain Forests”.

3. In May 2014, Trung Nghia's paintings were exhibited in "Asia Contemporary Art Show" in Hong Kong. His paintings got the good response from the customers.

4. In June 2014, Trung Nghia's painting "The Indochine Tiger" chosen for the "Wildlife artist of the year" exhibition - an art con test held by David Shepherd. The exhibition was held in London with 50% of the sale price of all pieces going towards wildlife conservation.

5. In 29th July 2014, Trung Nghia's painting "Crownless King" is exhibited in ASYAAF (Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival). This exhibition will last for nearly 1 month in Seoul, Korea