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[Short] Sword Art Online Live Action Fan Film - Beta Test

5..4..3..2..1.. *fight* !


Sword Art Online Live Action Fan Film - Beta Test


La vidéo:


12 oct. 2016

Sword Art Online - Beta Test

It's August 21, 2022, and the beta test for the video game "Sword Art Online" is in full effect. 5 players are on the road, on the 3rd floor of the floating castle Aincrad, to the city Zumfut. When they are ambushed by a player killing guild. In the beta test of SAO, you can only damage a player directly if they have "PVP" enabled but you can still be griefed even as a green player. Rather than run, the leader of the blue party enables "PVP" and the two teams engage head on. Who will survive?

Set during the "Beta Test" before the events of the hit anime series "Sword Art Online"

Featuring Original Choreography by:
Brian Danner

Owner of the amazing stunt team Sword Fights Inc!

Original Score by:
Cameron Chambers

Check out his website

Free Download! of the Original Score by Cameron Chambers: featuring themes by Kajiura Yuki and LiSA.


This is a non-profit Fan Film. It is not intended for commercial use. Sword Art Online is owned by Reki Kawahara, A1 Pictures and Aniplex America. It was made out of love of the original properties and our desire to be a part of their production.

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