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Hangprinter par Torbjörn Ludvigsen - une imprimante 3D suspendue

Joli hack =)


Hanging 3D Printer Uses Entire Room As Print Bed


La vidéo:


19 janv. 2017


3D printers usually live in boxes, but I've designed one that doesn't. Instead of frames and boxes it lives in ceilings, coming down only for print time. It's just a cheap way to print really big. I've published all my work on the web, under friendly and freedom preserving licences. I give all of this away because I want some collaboration and maybe even a little community to form around the idea of a frameless 3d printer. That means that I invite everyone to download it, print it, use it, improve it, give it away, and you can even sell it. That also means that the future of this project depends on makers and developers and other enthusiasts out there. It depends on you guys. There are so many ways in which you can further improve and specialize the machine you see here. So if you want to help fund the next Hangprinter, which is linked below this video. Anyways, here it goes. I hope you like it!

The music behind the voiceover is Winter Wonderland by D SMILEZ. The funky music is Stop and Go (Ubiktune edit) by Utabi Hirokawa.

Voiceover sound quality has been improved, and the transcription has two added sentences compared to the previous version of this video