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WinGuard sur Windows, kernel pas opensource ? Ben il va "lire" le code compilé =)

Wow.  Je cite:

Pressed for more detail, it became clear that he's laser-focused on security—and Windows as a platform diverges far more radically from Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS in that regard than any of them do from one another. There's no access to Windows kernel source code, and the documentation is insufficient for his needs. As a result, he has spent hundreds of hours in a disassembler, reverse-engineering ntoskrnl.exe and ndis.sys to make absolutely sure he understands exactly what's going on at an extremely low level most developers never bother with.

WireGuard on Windows early preview taking-a-spin-on-wireguards-windows-pre-alpha.jpg

Note: je vais poster plus de 3 Tranches par jour ces prochains temps, j'ai un peu trop de trucs dans ma liste "à poster"