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Les plantes "parlent" - Koff avait raison... le cri de la carotte vivisectionnée !?!? ;)

J'ai aussi lu dans un autre article, mais que j'ai perdu, si je le retrouve je le reposerai: certains insectes peuvent les entendre.

Update: en fait c'est écrit dans la Source:

The plant emissions that we report, in the ultrasonic range of ∼20-100 kHz, could be detected from a distance of 3-5m (see Methods), by many mammals and insects (when taking their hearing sensitivity into account, e.g., mice [32] and moths [24]). Moreover, we succeeded in differentiating between sounds emitted under two different stress conditions – dry and cut – with accuracy of ∼70% using supervised machine learning methods (Fig. 2). Finally, we were able to filter plant sounds effectively from greenhouse noises (accuracy of ∼99.7%, Fig. 3b, c) and distinguish drought-stressed and control plants in a greenhouse, based only on the sounds they emit (accuracy of ∼84%, Fig. 3d, e).

La question philosophico-outrageusement-con: mais que vont manger les vegans ? ;)
Ok, je => []

Plants Emit Sounds Too High For Human Ears When Stressed Out plants-and-animals plants-emit-sounds-too-high-for-human-ears-when-stressed-out.jpg