An Analysis of Pre-installed Android Software

Ahum ... chouette étude sur les applis pré installées sur les smartphones Android.
Je cite Julien Gamba, mon poto qui participe:

“Our results show how opaque the Android device supply chain is to users and how poorly understood it is by researchers. The vast majority of pre-installed applications are not public, making them difficult to collect and analyze: this is partly because they have escaped the scrutiny of the scientific community for a long time. We came up with an innovative solution to collect a large data set of pre-installed applications and found that there were a large number of companies involved in creating Android devices, including those with data-driven business models, which could put users' privacy and security at risk,” explains Gamba, a PhD student at IMDEA Networks and the study's principal investigator.

AEPD and CNIL award their data protection prizes to a team including researchers from IMDEA Networks aepd-and-cnil-award-their-data-protection-prizes-team-including-researchers.jpg

L'étude par là: An Analysis of Pre-installed Android Software

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