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thewandcompany - Star Trek Tricorder replica

Bon, faut être patient et riche: 250$ pour l'été 2021. Je cite:

  • It is an accurate replica ?

Yes. The Tricorder Replica has been developed after years of extensive research, and meticulously designed using 3D scans of the last-remaining screen-used hero prop. Carefully chosen materials and manufacturing processes, accurately matching the prop and its original design intent, ensure that it will be the perfect companion to our highly accurate Star Trek Phaser and Bluetooth® Communicator prop replicas, at last completing the Landing Party set.

  • How does it work ?

Our Tricorder is designed to work just like the fantasy version imagineered by The Original Series script writers in the 1960s, with more than a little help from some 21st century technology. A full-colour LCD displays information stored in the Tricorder along with dynamic data gathered by its sensors and audio recording function. More details of the functionality will be revealed later this year – register your interest on the form above to be kept updated.

  • What can I do with it ?

Measure the environment, scan radio frequencies, record audio, impress your friends, enjoy seeing your dearest Star Trek wish come true and love the fact that you own perhaps the most sophisticated prop replica ever designed and manufactured.

Un scanner portable ?  On verra bien =)

Source: Star Trek Tricorder

Star Trek Tricorder replica star-trek-tricorder.jpg

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